About KatMoJAM

KatMoJAM (Registered trademark) is a high intensity workout that utilizes a combination of Yoga, Kickboxing and resistance movement to create a high octane calorie burn. Developed by spicy New Zealander Kathryn (Kat) Mowat Murphy, a professional Broadway dancer, who has been training dancers and actresses for years and has a loyal NYC following. Now in the triangle in North Carolina Kat brings her highly effective exercise program to the general consumer with KatMoJAM (Registered trademark)  Shape Magazine put its high stamp of approval on KatMoJAM(Registered trademark) ‘Makes you Sweat Makes you Smile’ !

Kat has also developed a highly effective Jazz technique for all ages from 6yrs to professional  up and coming dancers. It collectively incorporates ballet, yoga and strengthening Jazz techniques to develop strong clean and effective technique for all dancers. Master classes, workshops and on going seminars have been available since 2012. Kats Non for Profit Jazz Company KMJ Jazz Co. performs twice yearly and holds auditions each September for new members. Contact Kat at Kmjazzdirector@gmail.com for more info. 


 Selected students by audition only will be competing in Dance competitions. If you are  in North Carolina and are interested please submit a short 1 minute dance video with years of training and experience and sent to Kat at kmjazzdirector@gmail.com

INTRODUCING  KMJ YOGA FUSION (TM) A brand new workout fusing Astanga Yoga and strength training  to music to blend a full body, low impact, shredding workout for all ages and abilities. Look on our Find a class page for locations and times.



“As someone who needs to maintain a high level of fitness and flexibility in my work as an actor, most recently in 3 Hobbit films for Peter Jackson and Warner Bros., I have always turned to KatMoJAM for the right workout. It gets you where your body needs to go in terms of high energy, dynamic movement. It has helped keep me injury-free as well as in great shape, and I thoroughly endorse what Kat does for anyone interested in keeping fit!”

Graham McTavish, Actor – “Dwalin” in the Hobbit Trilogy


“KatMoJAM is not just a great form of fitness but a great way to energize your entire week. I have to stay at the very peak of fitness in my job , and stay flexible and strong at the same time. Kathryn Murphy’s classes are a great mixture of all of these aspects. And what’s more they are fun. I have never worked so hard in a class, and the results are fantastic. The combination of Yoga and kickboxing works well for me because I like to do my own stunts in the film Industry and KatMoJAM works at a high intensity which helps me get the peak fitness I need to sustain accuracy during a long shooting day. It is  in a league of its own , and I encourage you to try for yourself. You will not be disappointed.”

Jed Brophy, Actor – “Nori” in the Hobbit Trilogy


“Kat is a force of nature. Her body and what she can with it will amaze and astound you. But like everyone must, she works. Hard. And she’s as disciplined as she is passionate about what she does. As you might be able to tell by looking at her, Kat Murphy is a physical fitness juggernaut! Take her class. Consider this my challenge to you.”

Martha Plimpton, Actress – Raising Hope

“From principle dancer in my own super high octane Dance Company to the New York stage, Kat has inspired thousands of people in countless cities and countries. If one were to bottle the blast of irresistible energy that is Kat, it would be called KatMoJAM. KatMoJAM will change your life forever”
Mark White, Choreographer – The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert; Producer – The Caretaker

Letter from Kat:
“Most people are content to live within their comfort zones; accepting a reality they have created and perceive to be the story of their lives. I am inspired to awaken them to a new dream, a new reality, a new life. The life they once imagined, but long ago forgot. With so many programs out there, so many gimmicks to confuse you, my 55-minute fitness regimen will deliver you a better body and revitalized sense of confidence. I am so happy to be introducing my program to everyone. Gain new body awareness, healing and a top of the line exclusive, one of kind, energizing work out. I do this work out and I still see the results.”

Sincerely Yours-
Kathryn (Kat) Mowat Murphy